Bamboo mattress and it’s benefits

Bamboo mattress

I was reading article about a bamboo mattress the other day and I thought I would investigate these further. It has been mentioned on several other review websites that a bamboo mattress can improve you quality of sleep, but some of these mattresses are not all the same. If you are going to purchase a bamboo mattress make sure it is from a reputable manufacturer and made from quality materials.

The things to look out for in a bamboo mattress are the softness and hardness, a soft mattress will not support your spine like a hard mattress will do. The best way of testing this out is too lay down on a mattress in a store and see what you think of it. If the mattress is only soft with no firmness then try another one until you hit the sweet spot of what you like. A soft mattress will cause back problems the longer you sleep on it.

A bamboo mattress cover is antibacterial, free from chemicals, it will improve your sleeping environment and because it’s made from bamboo fiber it is classed as a natural product. This makes a bamboo mattress an eco-friendly product and perfect candidate for my home ware blog don’t you think?

Another point doe the bamboo mattress absorb moisture, a decent bamboo mattress will have high moisture absorbance limit. You will need to choose the mattress with the highest amount of moisture absorbance and this will be the best choice for you.If you sleep with a partner then a motion control feature will be necessary, this is a new idea for mattresses and I’ll explain more. Motion control effects when someone is bouncing up and down on the mattress, sounds naughty!

You need to think about all of these factors when buying a bamboo mattress and make sure you find the ideal mattress for you. A bamboo mattress will keep you cooler when it’s hot and warm when it’s colder, so you should spend time either looking online for reviews or visiting lots of stores for the best mode on the market.

The best one that I found online was the Brentwood Home bamboo gel 13 mattress, it has the best reviews and I tried one out yesterday in a local home ware store. The mattress was very comfortable and I’m thinking of buying one as my mattress has had better days now lol

Misty xxx


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