Crystal chandeliers and crystal lamps

Chandeliers and lamps

When you think of ornate lighting, you may well think of your grandmothers living room, but today the vintage look is making a comeback. Ornate lighting now can be modern and contemporary, traditional and timeless. Chandeliers have that touch of elegance and glamour about them, how good would it be if your living room looks like a formal dining room at stately house. If you want your room to stand out, then a crystal chandelier can be the focus point and what a focus it will be. Something like vintage lighting also suits every budget, you can buy products from around $50 to $50000. There are lots of different styles of lighting and here is a brief guide to them.


Chandeliers are the most famous of all lighting, once they used to be the domain of the super-rich only and found in palaces and stately homes. Now anyone can own one these fine and elegant lighting pieces. Many of the crystal chandeliers that you find are in the traditional style and they look beautiful, but there are modern wood orb chandeliers designs available too. There is something about having a centrepiece in a room that sets it apart and having a crystal chandelier will definitely will make a home become more desirable.

Wood and metal orb chandelier
Wood and metal orb chandelier


When people think of vintage lighting they usually think of a chandelier, but having a rustic lamp or lamps in your dining room, living room or bedroom will really make the room stand out. There are plenty of choices with rustic lamps from Edison table lamps to floor lamps, with prices from $25 to $500. The cheaper lamps may have plastic crystals, but if you spend around $100+ you will find products that have cut crystals. Some of the best rustic lamps have polished chrome or brass as a feature, this design really offsets the crystals and creates a stunning lamp.

Other types of lighting

Chandeliers and lamps are the most popular products, but other crystal lights like rusticceiling fans with a light are very elegant and are a different take on the traditional chandelier. If your bathroom needs a makeover, then why not have a bathroom or vanity light, these are relatively cheap additions for a home improvement. Wall lights and sconces can add extra impact to your room and compliment the crystal chandelier as the centrepiece.

The last bit

Let me know your thoughts about lighting? Hop you found this article interesting, until the next time, goodbye.

Misty xxx



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