Decorating with Waterford Crystal Lamps

Decorating with Waterford Crystal Lamps

The introduction of lead oxide into the glass to make crystal appears to date back well before 1400 BCE, which is the age of the earliest known fragment discovered in Mesopotamia, Nippur. Since that time, humanity has tried to perfect the crystal making process. Today, the decorative lead crystal is acquirable ranging from 18% to 38%. The higher the percentage of lead in the crystal, the more refractive the light is when it comes through.

The sparkle of crystal glittering brings a sense of opulence and romance to any room when light hits lead crystal, and rainbows of color splash onto the surfaces, similar to the way it affects a perfectly cut diamond. Quality crystal lamps will brighten up most room decor instantly whether your taste is traditional or ultra-modern.

Some might be shy away from the crystal as a mode of decor, simply because when they think of crystal lighting features, they think of huge, ornate Waterford chandeliers dangling from the ceiling and they believe the material is pretentious or out-dated. As a matter of fact, decorating with crystal lamps can be fun, contemporary, stylish and not stuffy at all.

Let your personality shine by installing Waterford crystal lamps in your favorite rooms. Place two of them on either side of a sofa table in your dining room and a couple of them on a buffet table or a fireplace mantel can really add beauty to your living room without being ostentatious. Bedrooms become romantic when positioning a sparkling lamp with crystal accents bedside tables or on a dresser. I’ve even seen these shimmering lamps displayed in a bathroom and it was beautiful.

Keeping your crystal lighting bright and clean is easy and with a little bit of maintenance, all of your crystal will keep on shining. Simply use soft cotton to remove any dust and avoid the use of polishes, waxes, harsh cleansers or any cloth with a scrubbing surface to avoid dulling or scratching the surface of your crystal.

Decorating with crystal isn’t difficult and isn’t limited to a group of little cut crystal ornaments or animals locked away in a glass case. Solid crystal lamps with custom fabric shades and antiqued brass accents bring light and life into this great arrangement. It is a known fact that mirrors add an additional light and dimension to a room. Now, you can double that by placing a crystal lamp and excellent arrangement of beautiful accessories, flowers, and pictures in the front of the mirror.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post about Waterford crystal lamps. Misty xxx





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