Rustic decor and furniture

Rustic decor and furniture

I was looking around a local market this week and I found some excellent examples of rustic furniture. If you don’t know what rustic décor is, then I’ll tell you in this article.

Rustic décor and style is all about earthy hues and the rugged natural beauty of the materials being used. Normally you would associate rustic décor with dark and heavy colors, but these days lighter shades can be used too, like creams, light grey and beige colors. The overall rustic look should be organic and warm feeling without being pretentious.

You would normally think of a rustic being something like a log cabin or a cottage in picturesque village, but not anymore, you can have rustic furniture and lighting in any home. You can have a rustic looking apartment overlooking Manhattan Central Park or a suburban house. Rustic décor is all about the materials you use, natural elements and fibers is the way to transform a space.

Using natural elements like wide wood planks for your flooring provides an instant rustic look to your home and all they require is regular light maintenance. These wood planks are not just for flooring, they can be used for the walls too, and a good idea is to use different shades of planks for a better rustic look. Another good combination is have white walls with some stonework or wall wood panels. If you cannot have or stonework or wood panels on the walls, then just white walls is an excellent way to have a blank canvas. White walls are very versatile, bright and cheerful, plus you can create anything from the space you have created. If you have wood beams, then these are a superb addition to any room and they can be left in their natural state or renovated.

Rustic furniture can really set the tone for the rest of the room, items such as rustic coffee tables with wrought iron wheels will give a subtle ambience of elegance. I’ve seen some fantastic pieces of rustic furniture at The Train Market in Bangkok, Thailand and also at Chatuchak market too. Another great feature for a dining or living room is rustic lamps, these look fantastic with rustic table lamps with Edison filament bulbs and old black piping!

Rustic décor in the house also features items such as rugs, cushions and natural objects such as twigs to decorate the room. You can be as expressive as you want with rustic décor, let the interior designer shine through lol.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, please leave a comment below.

Here is a video about rustic decor for you.

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