Different types of diffusers

Different types of diffusers When you inhale a fragrance, are you reminded of years past? Does the smell of roses remind you of your grandmother? Does the smell of cinnamon, cloves, and pine conjure up a feeling of Christmas? Today, those same wholesome fragrances can infiltrate your home or office when you use an essential…

Frankincense and Geranium essential oils

Frankincense essential oil What are the benefits of Frankincense essential oil and how these benefits can help you! Frankincense oil when inhaled can reduce heart rate and lower high blood pressure. The oil has special anti-anxiety and anti-depression qualities. Unlike prescription drugs, Frankincense oil does not have any negative side effects or cause drowsiness. By…

Helichrysum oil uses for face and body.

Helichrysum oil uses Most people in the United States have never heard of Helichrysum essential oil. But in Europe and the Mediterranean this powerful oil has been used for centuries. The ancient Turks first used the oil to treat stomach aches and indigestion. While in Europe it was used to alleviate and cure respiratory issues….

Essential oils for well being and good health

Essential oils for well being and good health An essential oil is a fluid that is by and large refined (most much of the time by steam or water) from the leaves, stems, blossoms, bark, roots, or different components of a plant. Essential oils, in spite of the utilization of “oil” are not by any…

Eco-friendly bathroom products

Eco-friendly products on you tube, watch it! Interesting choice of bathroom products for us green living people, I was going to write about this, but a you tube video expresses so much more don’t you think? I have been using bamboo towels and 100% organic cotton towels recently, I must say they are really great,…

Bedding created from bamboo

Nowadays we are lucky to find a broad range of bamboo pillows and sheets for absolutely different designs and sizes.

Benefits of bamboo bedding

Bamboo bedding is considered being a popular choice for those looking for the healthy alternative to sleeping on more comfortable and healthy place.